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Design Services


Through one or more discovery meetings DXI discuss and absorb the vision of the key stakeholders and the market positioning for the property.  We make sure we fully understand the architectural plans for the property and take into consideration any phased construction schedule.  We then create a concept design appropriate to the property sign and present it to the stakeholders.  Where the project is a hotel/resort we take into account any brand standards as may be appropriate.  For private villas we help the Owner and their project manager turn their vision into practical reality.

Phased Design

With the principals for the strategy/concept approved by the stakeholders DXI in close coordination with the Owner’s project manager, the architect, the MEP consultant, the interior designer and as appropriate the kitchen designer undertakes a phased design program. This takes us through schematic design, design development and ultimately to construction drawings. We offer full CAD services as necessary.

Budget Preparation


Based upon the infrastructure and systems design DXI create comprehensive capital expenditure (CapEx) and operational expenditure (OpEx) budgets for all elements of the design. These budgets will be passed to the owner’s project manager and QS/Cost Accountant for review and revision until acceptable to all parties. Comments on ROI will also be provided so that the stakeholders understand how they will recoup the sums invested, either in terms of tangible or soft benefits.

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