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Procurement Services


With the total technology strategy defined, the network infrastructure and systems designed and budgets agreed the next step is to create detailed technical specifications against which suitable contractors may bid.  The design development phase will have led to a strategy and budget report written in a non-technical but informative manner.  The specifications will make sure that technical contractors deliver in accordance with international and industry standards ensuring that the equipment of multiple vendors is interoperable to prevent the client being subject to vendor lock-in.



The technical specifications form the basis for the creation of request for proposals (RFP’s) for the base infrastructure and the various systems supported by that infrastructure.  RFP’s are written by DXI and issued to multiple contractors in order to create competition and therefore achieve best value for the Owners, where best value isn’t necessarily the lowest direct cost.  Generally multiple RFP’s are issued to individual contractors, some of which may be locally based and some regionally or internationally.  Once bids have been submitted DXI conduct on behalf of the Owner a thorough analysis resulting in recommendations for the award of contracts.  We are often then instrumental in assisting with the placing of contracts.  

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