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Implementation Services

Project Management

Once contractors have been appointed then there is a significant project management task required to coordinate all activities to fit into the overall construction program.  The project plan will create a controlled environment to meet with the overall program of works.  Of course, the program will likely be subject to change as construction progresses and so the plan must be adaptable within the confines of meeting defined milestones and following the critical path for activities.

The project plan will allow for the creation of delivery schedules for vendors and service providers and provide the basis for the most effective use of budget.  Whilst some contingency must be accommodated, there is no point sourcing product too far in advance of it being required as this simply leads to “dead money”.  Similarly, having specialist resources on site at the wrong time can result in costly change orders, which is counter-productive to have negotiated best value lump sum contracts.

Clearly, it is not practical or financially viable for DXI to have a permanent site presence during the course of the project, so we are well versed in providing remote technical management for the various contractors, working also in support of the overall Project/Construction Manager and dealing with queries from other professionals associated with the development.  Regular  site inspections and progress valuations also allow for face to face discussion with all contractors and other professionals.   


Towards the end of the construction phase an operational management team is assembled ready to open the property and manage it thereafter.  DXI’s consultants are well versed in transitioning the low voltage infrastructure and systems from deployment to live running and of course there is a period during which these activities overlap.  Organizing training for operations staff is important and also critical is to drive the various contractors towards a successful project signoff and facilities handover.



In preparation for the opening of the resort a support strategy needs to be created and then implemented.  Typically this combines in-house IT staff, locally held low-value high-volume maintenance spares, specialist remote support and manufacturer packaged support covering replacement parts of low-volume high-value equipment.  DXI are generally retained for a period of time after opening to make sure the support strategy flows effectively. 

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